Marquis Shepherd

Creative Director l 3D Specialist l VFX l Motion Graphics Designer

3D/CGI Reel

(watch in 4K)

About Me

An innovation driver using his visionary creativity and technical prowess mastering of a multitude of the latest disciplines and industry standard pipelines in the VFX and computer graphics industry. His work has been internationally recognized by the likes of Berkshire Hathaway owned Clayton Homes in Arch Viz, Futureverse in Web 3 and Fortnite juggernaut Epic Games.

Software/ Skills

Unreal Engine 4/5Real-Time RenderingUI/UX Development
Autodesk 3D Studio Max3D ModelingUV/Texturing
Adobe Creative SuiteMotion Graphics,Graphic Design, Video Editing
Adobe Substance3D Rigging3D Animation
MidjourneyOpen AI DALL·E 2/ Chat GPTPrompt Writing
NeRF: Neural Radiance FieldsLuma AIStable Diffusion

Personal Projects

(954) 279-6632